We believe digital innovation is

at the heart of every business success

The story
Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships

As the name suggests, we are a tight-knit team of overachievers bound together by a common purpose, to push the envelope of design and technology and help companies achieve lasting success.

We bring our A-team to every engagement, starting with the Alpha Way, our step-by-step formula for reducing project risk, empowering teams, and delivering measurable business results. Together, we define the innovation you need to win today — and the vision you need to win tomorrow.

Headquartered in San Diego with hi-tech development centers in Dubai and Islamabad, AlphaSquad is ideally positioned to provide top-notch software services to clients around the globe.

Giving Back

As global citizens to the communities we work in, we are dedicated to giving back. Since 2013 we have made quarterly contributions to children hospitals and clinics, supported local entrepreneurial programs, and have started our own Women’s Empowerment Foundation in Islamabad, Pakistan.


We are three tech fanatics with four decades of experience dedicated to helping innovative companies achieve game-changing results. Quite simply, we deliver.

From fortune 500 companies to innovative startups, we’ve turned our success formula into the AlphaWay to ensure repeatable results.

Bryan Ferguson

A 20+ year technology veteran, Bryan founded his first software company in 1997, a negotiation simulator that he coded in his garage. Since then he has been a leader at dozens of tech companies and startups across many industries, including legal, ECM, e-commerce, healthcare, sports, and retail. He lives by the mantra – "the biggest factor in success is surrounding yourself with the right people” – which is why delivering top-notched talent and passion are so important for every AlphaSquad engagement. After decades of entrepreneurial successes (and many letdowns), Bryan enjoys sharing his experience with startups in the San Diego community, helping them navigate the early stages of growth and achieve product-market fit. Away from the office, Bryan can be found in the La Jolla Cove swimming and free-diving.

Bryan Ferguson

Saad Ali Shah

Our alpha design savant, Saad is a strong advocate of user experience and fights for a simple and frustration-free digital universe. A curious soul, Saad fell in love with technology early in life, in particular, the intersection of UX and visual design. From 2002, his talent for increasing revenue via UX landed him several high profile clients, including several Fortune 500 companies. Saad has been part of Forbes Technology Council since 2016, an organization comprised of leading CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. He continues to explore technology horizons and thinks about happy users and businesses.

Saad Ali Shah

Arslan Khan

AlpahSquad’s tech wizard and true alpha leader, Arslan’s passion for programming started early at age 9 and quickly blossomed into a lifelong obsession and calling. A born leader, Arslan has trained and managed over 100 programmers, completed over 1,000 IT projects for clients from 34 countries and feels most inspired when helping businesses realize their true potential. He regularly gives lectures on technology and entrepreneurship and runs a fund for universities. Arslan is most proud of his contributions to children hospitals and clinics and his Women’s Empowerment Foundation - and has made charity a big part of AlphaSquad’s DNA.

Arslan Khan